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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive process that completely restores the health, functionality, and natural beauty of all your teeth. Dental reconstruction may be necessary for several reasons:

  • Missing teeth
  • Trauma to the teeth including fractured or broken teeth
  • Worn teeth as a result of erosion or grinding
  • Neuromuscular or TMJ problems

Dr. Solomon has received his reputation as Los Angeles’ top dental reconstruction dentist because of his consistently thorough patient care and excellent results. The full mouth reconstruction process is different for each patient depending on his or her individual needs. Dr. Solomon will carefully review your case with you and discuss possible treatment plans. Multiple procedures may be involved such as restorations, implants, veneers, or orthotics.

Dr. Solomon specializes in completing full mouth reconstructions in only two visits as well as neuromuscular and TMJ cases. For your comfort, our office provides partial as well as complete sleep sedation options. In addition, if you are travelling from out of town, our front desk will help make travel arrangements. Please contact us at (310)475-5598.

Why Dr. Solomon?

Dr. Solomon has been practicing for over 27 years and is known for his impeccable bedside manner. He will put you at ease by answering any and all of your questions before, during, and after every procedure. In addition, he has received specialized training in full mouth reconstruction and neuromuscular dentistry at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. His in-depth expertise of not only teeth, but also the jaw, muscles, and nerves is what sets him apart from other dentists. You can be confident that with Dr. Solomon, you will receive exceptional care and results.

A Full Mouth Reconstruction Case Study: Youn

Youn traveled all the way from Japan to receive Dr. Sid’s expertise. As a successful businessman, he wanted his smile to reflect his stature. He came to Dr. Solomon with a lackluster smile featuring yellow, decayed teeth and several missing teeth. Dr. Sid recommended a treatment plan including a deep cleaning, implants, and veneers. Youn was extremely happy with the results, exclaiming that he both looked and felt 20 years younger. Although he still lives in Japan, he still comes to Dr. Sid for hygiene visits.

See the before (top) and after (bottom) pictures for the amazing transformation:

Invisalign: Different Types of Misaligned Teeth

Straightening teeth is not only for aesthetic purposes, but is also necessary for maintaining your long-term oral health. Let’s take a look at the many different types of “crooked” teeth. Do any sound familiar? You may able to benefit from Invisalign treatment.


Crowding is when there is not enough space in the mouth for all the teeth. As a result, there are many nooks and crannies between the teeth where plaque and tartar can easily build up. Bacteria will be in an optimal environment to grow and multiply, increasing your risk for gum disease. Straightening crowded teeth with Invisalign will lead to better oral hygiene and prevent future tooth and bone loss caused by periodontal disease.


Spacing is exactly what you would expect- when there is too much space between your teeth. Food can easily get stuck in these spaces and since the gums are not protected, you will be more prone to sore or tender gums, and ultimately gum disease. Spacing is easily fixed by using Invisalign to move the teeth together and close the spaces.


A deep bite, otherwise known as an overbite, is when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. The lower teeth may not even be seen at all when you bite down. Since the lower teeth make contact with the upper gum tissue in the jaw, the palate is easily damaged and the gum tissue can be eventually chewed away. In addition, lower teeth will suffer from extensive premature wear and chipping. Thus, deep bites are very important to fix for your long-term oral health.


A crossbite is when one or more of your teeth do not properly horizontally align with the corresponding teeth above or below. For example, one tooth may be tilted more towards the cheek or the tongue. The image shows one example of a crossbite. Excessive stress is placed on the teeth and cause abfractions, or notches, in the teeth at the gumlime. In addition, the teeth will be more likely to get chipped or suffer from premature wear. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, crossbites can be properly aligned using Invisalign.

Excessive Overjet

Excessive overjet is often confused with deep bite or overbite. Excessive overjet is when the upper front teeth are much more horizontally forward than the lower front teeth. In other words, the upper teeth protrude out much more than the lower teeth.  It can be caused by certain genetic disorders or excessive thumb sucking sucking and pacifier use at a young age. Since the front teeth protrude out, they are more prone to getting chipped, fractured, or some other tooth trauma. In some cases, it may even be difficult to chew properly. Invisalign can properly align the protruding teeth and improve your overall mouth function and health.

Edge-to-Edge Bite

Edge-to-Edge bite is when the upper and lower teeth meet in the front. Thus, the teeth have a higher risk of chipping or breaking and may result in shortened and worn down front teeth. In addition, this type of malocclusion may result in jaw joint pain. To avoid these problems, Invisalign will properly align the teeth.

Open bite is when your upper and lower teeth do not make contact with each other. The mouth may always seem open because of this space between the teeth. An open bite may impair normal chewing and jaw function and lead to improper tongue position and swallowing habits. Furthermore, you may experience afractions, or small notches in the teeth at the gulime, excessive wear of the teeth, and gum recession, loose teeth, and bone loss. Invisalign will close the bite and improve the function of your mouth as well as your long-term oral health.

Are you a candidate for Invisalign? Dr. Solomon is recognized by Invisalign as a premiere provider based on his high number of successful cases. Call (310)475-5598 today to make an appointment or personal consultation.

Veneers – The Celebrity Secret

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always have that perfect smile? Let me let you in on a little secret- veneers. But, you don’t have to be Demi Moore or a celebrity to get veneers. They are a great option for anybody that wants to finally get the smile they always wanted. Thin veneers are a great way to get an instant smile makeover because it is nonsurgical and completely painless. Whether you are looking for a dramatic change or a more subtle change, Dr. Solomon will work with you to achieve the look you want.

Thin veneers are commonly used to fix:

  • Discolored/stained teeth
  • Large gaps between teeth
  • Misaligned teeth or uneven gums
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Worn down or chipped teeth

Thin veneers are extremely thin – even thinner than a contact lens. They fit over the teeth without requiring the teeth to be shaved down. Thus, thin veneers are a great option for people who are weary of invasive procedures. The application of thin veneers is completely non-surgical and requires no injections or drilling. After only 2 painless appointments, you will be able to walk out of the dental office with a completely new smile.

Thin veneers are also great for patients who do not want to permanently change their teeth. Since the existing teeth do not have to be shaved down, the procedure is completely reversible. The veneers can be removed at any time to expose the intact teeth underneath. There is no reason to feel self conscious about your smile any longer.

Get on your way to your instant smile makeover by calling (310)475-5598 to make an appointment or personal consultation with Dr. Solomon.

Check out some other celebrities who also have veneers…

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Catherine Zeta Jones

Teeth Whitening Options Demystified

Are your pearly whites not so white anymore? There are so many different options these days for whitening your teeth it is difficult to know which one to choose. We’ve decided to break down all the different whitening options so you can determine the best option for you.

In-Office Whitening

This is quickest, most effective option that will yield the most dramatic results. If you are looking for an immediately noticeable change in your tooth color without the hassle of trays or strips, this procedure may be a good option for you. Dr. Solomon offers his patients the ZOOM! 2™ in-office whitening system, which has been proven to whiten teeth 6 to 10 shades lighter in only one hour. After the ZOOM! 2™ whitening gel is applied to your teeth, sit comfortably for an hour and watch TV, listen to music, or even nap while a special light is shone on your teeth. The procedure used is only approved by American Dental Association (ADA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used in dental office so you will not be able to get the same results through the other options.

Professional At-Home Whitening

You will receive a custom-fit whitening tray and gel from your dentist that you will use yourself at home. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth to create a tray that fits over the exact shape of your teeth to facilitate the most comfortable and effective whitening experience. Everyday you will put some whitening gel in the tray and wear it for a certain amount of time. This option is good for those who want to whiten their teeth more gradually. Also, this may be used in conjunction with in-office whitening for those with badly discolored teeth.

Mall Whitening Stands

The products offered in these kiosks are similar to over the counter products at a more expensive cost. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of this whitening method so be careful and thoroughly research the company beforehand. Although the employees may advertise themselves to look like dentists, remember that they are not licensed dental professionals and are not properly trained to safely handle the materials and your teeth. Check out ABC News’ article for more information.

Store-Bought Whitening Strips

The most well-known of these is CREST Whitestrips. You are required to wear a strip on your upper and lower teeth for a certain amount of time each day. The results are gradual and you can stop whenever you want. This is a more affordable option for whitening your teeth, but is also much less powerful than professional teeth whitening. You will not see as much of a dramatic change in the shade of your teeth. This method works best for children, people with already white teeth, or for maintenance following a professional teeth whitening.

Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes are very mild and do not whiten or change the color of the teeth. They only remove surface stains on the teeth, which may cause the teeth to look up to one shade lighter. Conversely, professional whitening procedures usually whiten teeth 3 to 8 shades lighter. Thus, whitening toothpastes work best for maintaining a white smile following a professional teeth whitening.

No matter what option you choose, it is always best to check with your dentist first. Only your dentist knows your dental background and is properly trained to safely whiten your teeth. Feel free to call Dr. Solomon at (310)475-5598 to make a personal consultation or appointment.

Invisalign and the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Based on his high number of successful cases, Dr. Solomon has been proudly recognized by Invisalign as one of Los Angeles’ premiere Invisalign providers. Invisalign is quickly growing in popularity as an alternative to braces for straightening teeth. It is great for patients of all ages- especially adults who are reluctant to wear braces, which can be obvious and embarrassing.

Most people are only aware of the aesthetic advantages of straight teeth, but there are also many health benefits that are often overlooked. Straight teeth have fewer corners where food and bacteria can get stuck or where plaque can accumulate. Thus, brushing and flossing will be more effective and there will be a lower chance of tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, misaligned teeth can cause an improper bite or misaligned jaw. In the long run, this can overstress the jaw muscles and cause TMJ problems.

Invisalign straightens teeth “invisibly” using a series of clear, custom-made plastic aligners or molds for your teeth, which are changed every two weeks. The first mold will be of the original position of your teeth and the final mold will be the optimal, straight position of your teeth. There will be a series of molds in between the initial and final mold that will be worn to gradually straighten your teeth.

Invisalign is great not only because the molds are clear and unnoticeable, but also because they are removable. Thus, Invisalign treatment does not interfere with normal brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking.

Get on your way to a new smile today! Call (310)475-5598 to schedule an appointment or personal consultation with Dr. Solomon.

Are You Grinding Your Teeth?

Over 20% of Americans suffer from bruxism (grinding or clenching of the teeth). However, many people are not even aware that they grind or clench their teeth until a sleeping partner hears gnashing noises at night or if their dentist observes abnormal wear of the teeth.

Some teeth grinding or clenching is normal, but frequent bruxism can cause excessive tooth wear and short-lived dental restorations. Moreover, bruxism often causes headaches, jaw or facial pain, tooth sensitivity, cracked teeth or fillings, loose teeth, and insomnia.

The cause for bruxism is not known, but stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, or an abnormal bite can all be contributing factors.

As Los Angeles’ top TMJ specialist, Dr. Sid Solomon has considerable experience with effectively treating patients suffering from bruxism. A custom-made night guard made of plastic or acrylic may be used to prevent the teeth from touching and excessive wear of the teeth. Dr. Solomon also offers highly effective BOTOX treatments that have been shown to dramatically improve bruxism. Call (310) 475-5598 to schedule an appointment or personal consultation with Dr. Solomon to find out which treatment is best for you!

Meanwhile, some other tips from Dr. Solomon to reduce teeth grinding include…

  • Cut back on caffeine and alcohol
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Relax- especially at night before sleeping

White vs. Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

The controversy surrounding amalgam (silver) fillings versus white fillings can cause confusion while trying to make educated choices about your dental treatment. Which option is better for your health and the tooth? Which option looks the most natural? It’s time to clear up the confusion! Dr. Sid Solomon’s premier Los Angeles dental practice only uses white fillings for several reasons. Let’s learn why-

White Filling Los Angeles Dentist

White fillings are safer for the health of patients

Amalgam fillings were the most commonly material used for fillings for many years. However, amalgam fillings, which contain 50% mercury, recently became criticized for their potential toxicity and health risks. On the other hand, white fillings are made of resin for small fillings and porcelain for inlays and onlays. They are completely metal-free and eliminate all the health risks associated with amalgam. Best of all, since white fillings are metal-free, they have no sensitivity to changes in temperature associated with amalgam fillings.

White fillings make the tooth stronger!

White fillings actually bond to the tooth to increase the strength of the tooth. Conversely, amalgam just fills the cavity without bonding to the tooth. As a result, amalgam fillings often result fractured or broken teeth, which can be expensive to fix in the long run. In addition, less existing tooth structure must be removed for the placement of white fillings compared to that of amalgam fillings.

White fillings look like your natural tooth

Amalgam fillings are dark and can be seen even in the back of the mouth. Silver fillings can also turn the teeth dark over time. Conversely, white fillings can be adjusted to the natural color of your tooth and are practically undetectable.

Dr. Solomon extensively researches all available options to best treat his patients. Call (310)475-5598 to make an appointment today!

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Do you have gaps or missing teeth? Have you ever considered getting dental implants? Dr. Solomon has been successfully performing dental implant procedures for over 27 years. Implants can sometimes be a very beneficial and life-changing treatment. For your convenience, we have provided some background information on dental implants below. However, the best way to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants is by making an appointment with Dr. Solomon at (310)475-5598 so he can examine your particular case.

Dental implants are a popular method of replacing missing teeth. They replace the roots of teeth and provide a strong foundation for restorations such as crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Replacing missing teeth not only boosts your appearance and confidence, but also is very important for your oral health. Existing teeth can begin to migrate into the gap where teeth are missing, resulting in joint pain or bite problems.

Dental implants are surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw bone. They are made out of titanium, which is a highly biocompatible material. As a result, the implant is able to fuse with the surrounding bone for long term durability and stability.

Dental implants are a fixed alternative to full or partial dentures and provide several advantages including:

  • Implants replace missing teeth without affecting adjacent healthy teeth.
  • Implants improve speech by eliminating anxiety of slipping dentures.
  • Implants improve chewing by eliminating no pain while chewing from sliding dentures
  • Implants support bridges or dentures, making them more secure and comfortable
  • Implants are more convenient- no more messy adhesives needed!

Do dental implants seem like a good choice for you? Call our office today at (310)475-5598 to set up an appointment.


Everybody knows about BOTOX, but what is it really and what does it do?

BOTOX is a nonsurgical treatment. The treatment consists of tiny injections into the muscles of your face to lessen their movement.

The most commonly known use of BOTOX is its cosmetic use. It is often used to effectively improve frown lines between the brows.

But, did you know that BOTOX also has therapeutic uses? Bruxism (teeth clenching or grinding) and TMJ often result in facial pain and headaches. BOTOX can immediately relieve headaches and facial pain by relaxing the jaw muscles that are normally stressed. As an additional benefit, as BOTOX relaxes the jaw muscles, the muscles will shrink and the jaw line will become more esthetically pleasing.

BOTOX can be injected into all of the following areas:

Its effects are proven to last up to 4 months. The whole process takes only 10 minutes and requires no downtime or recovery.

Call (310)475-5598 to make an appointment!