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Is Sleep Dentistry Right For You?

Are you anxious or nervous whenever you have to go to the dentist? Do you have a bad gag reflex? Sleep dentistry may be right for you. According to WebMD, 9 to 20% of American adults avoid going to the dentist out of fear. Dr. Solomon understands that dental anxiety is a common phenomenon. Thus, he offers oral conscious sedation for his patients who may be weary of dental procedures.

Sleep dentistry allows you to get dental work done without any pain, discomfort, or anxiety. It is also safer for the patient because it ensures that the patient will stay still throughout the entire procedure. With sleep dentistry, dentists are able to perform dental procedures and effectively take care of their patients’ oral health for those who might have otherwise been reluctant.

The entire duration of your appointment will be a calm and comfortable experience. Dr. Solomon, known for his excellent bedside manner, will go the extra mile to ensure that you are at ease as well as answer any and all questions you may have. He will then give you an oral medication in the form of a small pill that will allow you to sleep through the whole procedure. Instead of an anxiety-ridden experience, you will wake up with a new smile and little or no memory of the dental procedure.

This method of sedation is very safe. You will be at a minimally depressed level of consciousness, while still being able to breathe on your own. Your vitals including oxygenation, ventilation, circulation and temperature will be monitored while you are sedated to ensure your safety. Dr. Solomon is licensed by the State of California in Adult Oral Conscious Sedation and has extensive experience and training in this field. Dr. Solomon highly values the safety of his patients and wants to make visiting the dentist a pleasant experience.

We also offer other types of sedation including:

  • Nitrous Oxide/ Oxygen Inhalation
  • Protective Stabilization
  • Mild Sedation
  • Moderate Sedation
  • Deep Sedation
  • General Anesthesia

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