There is no better evidence of Dr. Sid Solomon’s expert ability to diagnose and treat neuromuscular and cosmetic dental cases than from the mouth of his own patients. Please take a moment to read our reviews.


I can’t express enough how much I have benefitted from the services and expertise of Dr. Sid Solomon. Words can barely describe how my life has changed, but I will try!

I was diagnosed with TMJ problems in 2004, after a sudden onset of jaw pain came on from talking all day to my sorority in college. Since then, I have seen atleast 15 different dentists, physical therapists, neurologists (they thought I might have trigeminal neuralgia due to facial pain), oral surgeons, ENT’s…you name it…I went EVERYWHERE to find some cure to rid myself of TMJ problems! All night and all day I had headaches, horrible pain in my jaw and face, and neck and back soreness. After going through physical therapy once a week and wearing 2 different nightguards for 5 years, I was still getting no relief. I even had to get massages once a week just to ease the pain in my neck. It was my last resort after years of giving up to search for yet another dentist in Los Angeles to get a new nightguard.

I lost faith in everyone until I met Dr. Sid Solomon. My first visit, he spoke to me for over 2 hours regarding the TMJ and was such an expert in this field. I must admit I still didn’t believe he could fix me (no one ever had), but In just 3 visits he has virtually cured me of jaw problems. His methods are scientific and exact. He first relaxed my jaw with a tensing machine, then made adjustments to my teeth so my bite was perfect, then fit me for his special nightguard (patented by him only) which has been a MIRACLE! I can wear it all day and no one would ever know Im wearing it, and it’s so thin. In addition, the nightguard is moving my jaw into the appropriate place so I have long term benefits. His techniques are extremley advanced so there is no guessing on how to fix a problem.

Overall, I have almost zero jaw pain and now go all day and night without even thinking about my jaw, and am saving money on those massages! My life is completely different. On a side note, I just LOVE him and his family…they are so sweet and caring! He’s also fixed 4 of my cavities, which took under half an hour and was 100% pain free and is also whitening my teeth. I cannot say enough good things about his dentistry practice and am sending all my friends and family to him. I wish anyone who’s ever had a jaw or tooth issue could have the opportunity to see him and start living a pain free life. For me, his services have meant the world.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Courtney Davis


My name is Susan Shacka and last year, I had a brilliant idea to get healthy and loose wieight by getting a Lap Band surgery. Long story short, I had to go back 4 months later to get the surgery reversed and I ended up getting an Autoimmune Disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome which paralizes you! (Andy Griffith had this while filming Matlock.) By the age of 52, I have now lived in 4 different nursing facilities. I had to learn to walk and still now it is hard for me as old injuries are coming out such as Arthritis in my knees which makes learning to walk difficult. A wheelchair is now my best friend and I have to fight so hard to get the right one. I also have bad essential tremors which makes talking,eating, working very hard ( and to think I was a secretary before all of this…)
Life sure takes you on a different road sometimes…

After all of this, the one thing I wanted to help get me back on track was of all things, nice teeth. This was my dream and prayer and wish for the longest time. When I smiled, I looked like a person with no teeth and hated it. My gums were also bad, I had a chipped tooth in the front and I was missing few teeth in the back.

One day, I emailed a few dentists to see if anyone would be willing to work on me on a pro-bono basis. So much had been taken away from me like driving, my condo in Mission Viejo, my cat, my furniture, my life… All I wanted was something to make me feel good and to know that there is still humanity and caring in this world.

Dr. Solomon was the ONLY DENTIST THAT HEARD MY PRAYERS and answered me back. He understood my cries and desire, and how honest I am. I had gone to another dentist and their prices for what I needed was over $6,000 and I sure could not afford any of that.


He was so kind, so caring and real angel on this earth. He made sure I was comfortable at all times and he took amazing care of me.

I HAVE GONE THROUGH SO MUCH AND THIS ULTIMATE ACT OF KINDNESS FROM Dr. Solomon was the ultimate prayer being answered. I just can’t thank him enough.

Susan Shacka


First of all, they’re not enough stars for your “10″ star rating. From the receptionists, dental hygienists, assistant and the incredible Dr Sid, my experience was pleasant, painless, and the results far exceeded my expectations. I’m even more adorable because of Dr. Sid’s Magic! Dr. Sid’s knowledge, deep passion for dentistry for his fortunate patients, his kindness, direct & constant communication with me, his insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning/applying the newest techniques in his profession are unmatched. I had no idea he even has a test for mouth cancer and I encourage everyone to make an appointment. Frankly, I hated to visit dentists before I was referred to Dr. Sid. Strangely enough, I look forward to my check-ups, EXTREMELY thorough cleaning and maintenance. Thank you for considering/respecting our environment by sending me emails/ reminders of appointments, etc. as it saves on paper. I’ve even referred my sister from Texas to Dr. Sid and she’s still overwhelmed & appreciative of his advanced techniques. Looking forward to seeing you and your staff in 4 months! They treated me like family today. :) Respectfully submitted, Diana

Diana Franklin
You are all even more pleasant than I anticipated!


Dear Dr. Sid,

This was the shape I was in when I first came to you, read below.

My bite was damaged in 1968 by a dentist in Houston, Texas when I was 28 years old. I have been to at least 25 dentist seeking help. I am a rancher from Texas. I had given up ever getting any better.

Since my bite was compromised I have had ringing in the ears, tremendous jaw pain, at times, I was unable to open my mouth because my jaw was frozen. The headaches were relentless. My jaws would swell and be feverish. I clinch and grind my teeth at night, in the past three months, prior to my new night device from Dr. Sid, I had broken three teeth in the front.

My sister, in Los Angeles, is a patient of Dr. Sid’s; she has been going to him for the at least five years. She told me, I have finally found a dentist who can help you, so, I agreed and she made me an appointment. Remember, I am flying from San Antonio, Texas to Los Angeles, Ca. to a dentist I had never met.

I was immediately welcomed by his staff, all very friendly and professional.

I had a 3:30 PM appointment the day I arrived in Los Angeles. Dr. Sid took a long time with me, taking my dental history and explaining what he thought my problems were and what he could do to help me.

I received my night guard, which fits in the bottom of my mouth, that has never happened before. I am here to report after three weeks of wearing this fantastic night guard, I am pain free, all gone. I have no jaw pain, no headaches, no swelling, AND the ringing in my ears has subsided greatly. I wear this night guard during the day also as it stabilizes my bite and it just feels good.

Dr. Sid is much more than a dentist. He is an exceptionally talented doctor who is constantly searching and developing new procedures and orthotics for his patients. He is way ahead of his time. I see great things in his patients future as he seeks to serve them in their best interest and in his best effort, which is far above any dentist that I have ever been to.

Thank you, Dr. Sid, for giving me my life back, making me comfortable, allowing me to get a good nights sleep, no more pain and no more headaches.

God Bless,
Betsy Schuble


My biggest concern has always been the damage grinding my teeth had done to my teeth. Moreover this grinding had started to change the appearance of my jaw and I was in constant pain. I have seen many dentists/specialists because of it, without any improvement. Dr. Solomon took time to listen to me and really cared about my problems. The special night guard he designed for me, started to help with all my issues, right away. Only after a few month, I can recognize my jaw bone again and I wake up in the morning refreshed and without even thinking about pain, at all. Dr. Solomon radiates confidence and he is so calm and knowledgeable that one feels being in the right hands and having nothing to worry about!!

Sabina Bussmann-Kelsey


June 2010; My name is Elizabeth Rodriguez, I reside in Corona, CA. If you are reading this and you are skeptical in finding the help you are looking for with Dr.Solomon, you are not alone. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with T.M.J. I sought help with orthodontists that only made my problem worst and they never reassured or guaranteed me that the devices or treatment they were giving me would solve my problem, they never gave me answers to my problem, and I realized I was throwing my money away for no results or guarantees.

I gave up looking for help thinking I would get better or the problem would go away until the years past and my problem got worst, headaches, jaw lock, chewing problems, back ache, ear tingles, stress, etc… So I decided to research doctors to seek real help and find real answers and learned that most orthodontists are not specialized in neuromuscular dentistry and there is only a few out there, most of them don’t have the knowledge and instruments to really help TMJ patients.

I visited a few offices of neuromuscular dental specialists, after visiting Dr. Solomon I found he was the most knowledgeable doctor that explained to me details of my problem and gave me understandable answers, and most affordable. In May 2010 I received my specially made device to start my treatment, after two weeks of wearing the device I felt relief, headaches disappeared, no more pain. I am still over going my treatment at the moment but am pain free thanks to the knowledge of Dr. Solomon. If you are reading this, just remember that the problem will not get better, as the years pass it will be more severe, the sooner you get help the less expensive it will be.

Elizabeth Rodriguez


February 4, 2010 I am a patient of Dr. Solomon’s and here is my statement regarding my jaw problem.

“When I came to Dr. Solomon, I could barely open my mouth. I could not chew at all and was eating soft foods only. This problem was affecting my sinus with infections as well as my ear on the left side with an odd sound as though my jaw was off its axle for lack of a better explanation. All other doctors told me to take a pain killer or worse, surgery to correct the problem.

In about six weeks after my visit with Dr. Solomon and the mouthpiece especially programmed and computerize for me, I can now chew and most importantly, there is no more pain or sinus problems.”

Thank you Dr. Solomon!
P. White
November 17, 2009


First and foremost I would like to state I could not be more appreciative or thankful to have found Dr. Sid Solomon when I did in early 2009. In the fall of 2008, I was involved in a car accident that on the surface appeared to be not so serious.

Well, as it turned out, several doctor visits, countless tests and multiple MRI’s later, a more serious picture of my true injuries began to appear. One thing that persisted despite a laundry list of medications and possible diagnosis were the constant and always debilitating headaches. I grew more and more frustrated and disappointed with the lack of progress all of my doctors were making.

The situation became so grave that my jaw began to be affected. One morning I woke up and simply was not able to open my mouth. I had never had any issues with my jaw or my teeth before so I was at a total loss. I could not open my mouth to take a bite and even brushing my teeth was very painful. Thankfully an acquaintance familiar with Dr. Solomon referred me to him and I made an appointment right away.

From the beginning he and his wonderful staff put me at ease. He assured me that he would be able to help me and true to his word, had me measured and fit for a dental orthosis made specifically for me. He diagnosed me with TMJ as a result of the car accident I had been involved in, and did not hesitate to fit me into his busy schedule so that I could be seen right away.

Within 30 days the headaches had disappeared and not long after that, the acute pain and discomfort in my neck began to subside to a level that was tolerable and manageable without constant pain medication. Although I am still dealing with the other effects of that car accident, I was able to cross off the migraines and TMJ off my list thanks to Dr. Solomon. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Solomon if you or anyone you know is suffering with any symptom associated with TMJ.

Claudia S. Geier


THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU…When I was finally able to open my mouth and examine my teeth I was so grateful and relieved. They are so beautiful. I pledge, from this day forward, to return on a semi-regular basis. How could I have momentarily forgotten that dentistry is as much a part of good health as a medical check-up. Well, I won’t forget again.

It is true that the pain is in my head because I felt next to nothing. I am really, really proud of you. One day I will be able to say I knew him.

Melba Englander


My name is Susi Hall. I had been self conscience of my smile for all of my adult life because of my teeth. They were damaged and discolored because I had taken Tetracycline as a child. This was compounded by my fear of going to the dentist do to my fear of pain. To tell you the truth; I’d rather just get Grandmas dentures than have my teeth fixed.

I had heard of Cosmetic Dentistry, but I was a skeptic. I did not believe it could happen for me without great pain, hassle, and expense. My husband found Dr. Solomon after througho research and encouraged me to at least investigate. Hesitantly, I went to my surprise, I was pleased to find a caring dentist with a wonderful and professional staff. They guided me through each step and made sure I was comfortable and informed.

And now, WOW!!!! The end result is a miracle to me. I literally cried with joy when I saw my beautiful new teeth and new smile. I am now filled with confidence when I talk and I can’t stop smiling!! BIG SMILE!!!!!!!

Dr. Solomon and his team have changed my life for the better and it is a profound change. It is so true that a bright smile leaves a lasting first impression to everyone you meet. I am living proof! Now they call me “Susi Smiles”.

Thank you Dr. Solomon…Thank you!!!
Susi Hall

I want to take a moment to thank you for helping make my life happier.


You went through great pains to create my new best friend, my orthosis. I wear it constantly. When I’m getting a headache I put my orthosis in and most of the time within a few minutes everything in my face relaxes and my headache goes away. I wake up every morning without a headache. I know stories are boring but I feel I need to share this with you.

No one could ever understand what life is like with pain every day, all day from headaches or migraines. My jaw would click so loudly when I opened my mouth people would stop and look. While I slept I clenched my jaw so badly I would wake up in the middle of the night with a headache and my jaw hurting. In addition to all of that, one day about 5 years ago I had breakfast with friends, took a walk along the beach and suddenly passed out. The diagnosis was a serious migraine, but a few hours later I discovered everything around me had a strange odor. When I was able to eat the food tasted odd and the tastes and smells never came back. I have spent 35 years in pain and 5 years missing wonderful smells and aromas of nature and the magnificent taste of all food. One of the worst things around this smell thing was the fact that some were so distorted they would cause me to throw up. Boy was I “sick” of that.

I thought this was how i was going to live the rest of my life. I’m lucky; I have a great family. I decided this was enough. A visit to your office and a delightful conversation with you changed all that. Your suggestion provided a solution to decrease my headache pain but the most importantly I am beginning to experience a very missed joy. I’m beginning to smell things I’ve missed for a long time. I can now eat chocolate. You see chocolate is my favorite dessert and this problem stopped me from enjoying it. After wearing my orthosis for a few weeks I gave “cookies and cream” ice cream a chance and it was good.

It’s only been a few weeks but my headaches are improved, I haven’t had any migraines, I no longer grind my teeth and smells and taste are returning. I don’t expect perfection but you can’t put a price on quality of life. This thank you letter is long but the changes you and this device made in my life are big. I can’t thank you enough.

I enjoy my life again thanks to Dr.Solomon.
Mrs. Sandra Patt


“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for all the great work you’ve done on my teeth. Having spent a great deal of time in dentist’s chairs over the years, it is extremely gratifying to encounter someone like you who gives such great care, and who takes the time to keep me informed about what is happening each step of the way.

When I first came to see you in 2000, I expressed an interest in having extensive repair work done on my smile, which was not horrible, but over which I felt a great deal of self-consciousnes due to discoloration and lack of uniform length of my top teeth. Although it took me a couple of years to actually make the decision to allow the work to be completed, I felt from the beginning that you would be the one I trusted my smile to, and I can unequivocally say that I am very happy I did so. The improvement in my smile and sense of self is immeasureable.

When we started mapping out the work, I was a little apprehensive that putting porcelain veneers on 10 of my teeth was going to be long, painful process, but i was happy to find out that it only took two visits with very little pain involced. In fact, that has been my experience with you and your staff, lots of benefits and very little pain.

It has been a pleasure to refer several people to you, and they all reported very positive experiences as well. Thank you for all of your help, and I look forward to completing the veneer process on my lower teeth in the not too distant future.”

Gary S. Fisher, Psy.d., CADC” This letter is long overdue as I wanted to write it for a while. We started (my wife & myself) visiting your office in 1997, having to solve/repair major dental problems. We couldn’t have chosen a better place!

Let me start with Mabel. I don’t think there’s anyone else on this planet that’s scared of the dentist chair more than my dear wife. Who else needs 4 sedative shots just for a cleaning their teeth?

Somehow you managed to instill faith & calmness in her and how you are the only dentist she trusts. We will miss you because as you already know we’re relocating to Hawaii next week.

As for me having bad teeth (ugly is a more descriptive word) I’m not ashamed to smile broadly anymore. You turned my social & professional life around. I have now a set of beautiful teeth that’ll last me for as long as I live. We hope that you’ll visit us in Hawaii along with your lovely wife & kids. We’ll be happy to see you because besides our dentist you became our dear friend.

Feel free to post this handwritten letter onto your website and use our name. This is the least we can do for 7 years of excellent services.”

Mr. Dimitri Davlas & Mrs. Mabel Fei

“Dr. Solomon is a dentist who makes both the fear and anxiety of a dental visit turn into an experience one truly will never forget!”


My story is one which has had an incredibly amazing outcome. I have had such painful experiences prior to coming to Dr. Sid’s office that it had been literally more than 10 years since my last major dental work. My teeth were not only stained, but I had lots of cavities, cracks and gum disease. Some teeth were even rotten.

The first thing I still remember is Dr. Sid’s gentle smile, light touch and most of all his patience. He knew right away that I was scared and that I would most likely not be coming back unless he could win my trust. To my surprise he did not focus upon my teeth but went right on inquiring about my fainting spells. You see, for over 12 years I had been living with dizziness which had a pattern of re-ocurring about 4-6 times a year. The episodes revealed themselves not only with a light headed feeling, but also with a sinking sensation that terrified me and frequently I would end up passing out cold. My dear husband and family had all gone through these frightening moments about every two to three months. I had been seen by medical doctors who noted that my blood pressure was normally low and my dizzy spells were attributed to this. However, my family noted that during my dizzy spell my blood pressure was actually 10-15 hg higher that usual and my blood sugar had also been noted to be normal.

Now, suddenly Dr. Sid a dentist was speaking to me about my missing teeth causing a forward shift on my upper teeth affecting my inner ear and sense of position. I could hardly believe my ears! The way he explained everything to me was very clear and simple. Dr. Sid made no promises but did suggest an “Orthodic” device made to fit my lower teeth which would bring my teeth, jaw, face and TMJ (Tympanic-Mastoid) into allignment.

Everything made so much sense. My sister who is a dentist, was fascinated to hear about this “new” area of dentistry and advised me to proceed as recommended because she said that Dr. Sid had already done everything possible to save my other teeth and had taken so much time to explain things thoroughly (plus, my sister was also extended a warm invitation to talk with Dr. Sid) and I was given a wide number of resources, such as his website which answers a number of common concerns and questions. All of this as well as the results have produced a profound professional respect for Dr. Sid.

The final result was my individual “Orthodic” device was molded just for me. And WOW! Now it has been well over a year since I first started wearing my device ( and only at night) and I am free of my fainting spells. I thank GOD for Dr. Sid.

Dr. Solomon is a dentist who makes both the fear and the anxiety of a dental visit turn into an experience I trully will never regret!

Luz G. Brinckhaus, UCLA educator and registered nurse